Student Researchers

Current Projects
Gallardo Bobadilla, R.   PhD   Mechanical Engineering   Advanced Linear Programming Techniques for Network Routing Optimization Models, Railway Blocking & Train Scheduling
Scanlan, K.   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Field measurement of the effect of ballast degradation on track performance
Yu, F.   PhD   Mechanical Engineering   Low temperature rail breaks
Hassas Irani, B.   MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Microstructure-based modelling of rolling contact fatigue
Ibarra, L.   MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Reliability based assessment: Extreme weather conditions railway wheel inspection
Juhaszova, D.   MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Automated Train Brake Effectiveness
Fallah Nafari, S.   PhD   Structural Engineering   A framework for rail integrity assessment based on real-time rail vertical deflection measurements
Tappenden, K.   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Climatic influences on the Ashcroft Thompson River landslides
Mulhall, C.   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Gravel and degraded ballast
Macciotta, R.   RA   Geotechnical Engineering   Railroad risk quantification
Roghani, A.   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   A quantitative evaluation of the impact of soft subgrades on railway track structure
Leishman, E.   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Statistical analysis of railway derailments, consequences and causes
Marghoub Shadkar, A.   MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Reliability study of a wheel temperature detection system
Ying, C.   MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Freight rail air brake reliability
Zhang, L.   MSc   Structural Engineering   Axle spacing effects on rail bending stress behaviour
Balideh, S.   PDF   Geotechnical Engineering   Ballast characteristics
Onofre Sastre Arbos, M.   Visiting MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Fuel burnt prediction model for CN intermodal double-stack trains
Haji Abdulrazzagh, P.   Visiting PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Detection of railway soft subgrades using Falling Weight Deflectometer: A case study of Lac-La-Biche subdivision
Poddar, V.   MSc   Mechanical Engineering   Investigation into reliability of freight rail air brakes in cold weather condition
Newman, C.   MEng   Geotechnical Engineering   A review of the use of the falling weight deflectometer for railway track assessment
Onwude, L.   MEng   Geotechnical Engineering   Frost heave susceptibility of fouled ballast
Wardak, H.   BSc   Civil & Environmental Engineering   Laboratory testing of peat specimens
Elwood, D.   RA   Geotechnical Engineering   Railway track remediation and field investigations
Wollenberg-Barron, T.   RA   Geotechnical Engineering   Laboratory testing of soft railway subgrades and ballast materials
Delara, S.   MEng   Geotechnical Engineering   Freezing of railway tunnels in Canada
Tavakolian Bana, H.   MEng   Geotechnical Engineering   Factors affecting the behaviour of soft subgrade in the railway track
Wollenberg-Barron, T.   BSc   Civil & Environmental Engineering   Soft railway subgrades and ballast
Yang, Z.   Visiting PhD   Mechanical Engineering   Characterization of steel rails to investigate the relationship between fracture toughness and hardness at sub-zero temperatures
Petrov, M.   BSc   Civil & Environmental Engineering   Relationship between slope cut failures and weather in the Fraser Canyon